Image by Ian Schneider


SEIA represents the merging in 2019 of two long-standing, respected Nanaimo service providers: Nanaimo Citizens Advocacy (NCA) and The Nanaimo Women's Centre (NWC). Bringing these two organizations together under one name, one purpose and one vision provides the opportunity to offer comprehensive supports to clients throughout the Central Vancouver Island.

SEIA recognizes that many existing systems of power grant privilege and access unequally, and that equity is crucial to the long-term health of communities.

To this end, SEIA works to support people impacted by systemic barriers who are most at risk at being excluded from society by providing: outreach; general and legal advocacy; crisis help; information, referrals and resource-planning; tenancy support; customized social and educational programming for youth and seniors; and by operating a women's centre where anyone identifying as female can access resources, support and social connection.

We also work to build strategic partnerships with other service providers in the Central Vancouver Island community to ensure vulnerable people have increased access to wrap-around supports, community and connection.