Our Vision

SEIA is a community-based organization that provides service and support through internal programs and external partnerships so that all persons impacted by systemic barriers are able to access the services, supports and benefits to which they are entitled regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, income, education, or family status and, as a result, experience enhanced health, well-being and social inclusion.

Our Mission

SEIA strategically supports and advocates for people that are impacted by systemic barriers to ensure all members of our community are included in society.

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01 April 2022

SEIA is transferring services and programs to other agencies.  We are grateful for everyone who has helped SEIA's mission over the years. 

10 January 2022

SEIA remains closed and is not accepting any in-kind or financial donations at this time. The Warming Center is open weekdays and is being staffed and operated by CMHA Mid Island until February 28, 2022. During SEIAs closure, donations can be redirected to CMHA Mid Island.  

24 December 2021

SEIA is closed for the holidays and is not accepting any in-kind or financial donations, effective immediately, until January 10, 2022. We are fortunate to have many community partners who have stepped in to help fill the gap as SEIA rebuilds. If you are able, please continue to support them as you have supported SEIA. During the closure, donations can be redirected to our community partners. 

CMHA Mid Island

United Way Central and Northern Vancouver Island Region

John Howard Society Nanaimo Region

08 December 2021

We are deeply saddened by the turn of events which have led to the current suspension of services at SEIA. We are investigating a possible misappropriation of SEIA funds and we have identified an individual we believe is responsible. That person is no longer active in the organization and the RCMP are involved. While we are confident that our actions to date will prevent any future loss to SEIA, this situation has caused SEIA to be in financial difficulty and led to the current closure of our offices.

As a Board of committed volunteers, our key focus is on protecting the organization, our dedicated staff and the community it serves in the most transparent way we are able to do within restrictions. We will continue to serve our clients in the best way possible through these challenging circumstances. We are working with other community organizations to fill gaps in services and to redirect in-kind donations to ensure our clients have adequate clothing, blankets and supplies. We will provide updates soon through our social media channels.

We are also thinking about SEIA staff, their families and our clients at this time.

To our staff and volunteers, we are grateful for the commitment, passion and dedication you bring to SEIA. You are the lifeblood of our organization. The fact that many of you have continued to show up and volunteer your time to support SEIA and our community is profoundly moving. This includes our Executive Director, Charles Nelson, who has been instrumental in his leadership and continues to support the board and organization in a volunteer capacity.

To our donors and supporters, we are thankful to you for your past and continued support. Without you, SEIA would not exist. Your gifts are a reflection of your values and go towards creating a safer, more diverse and more inclusive community.


The SEIA Board


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Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported our BBB fundraiser event.  A special thank you to Kirsten Stapleton, Michele Mateus, Robyn Robinson, and Lisa Haupt for their beautiful donations.  Such gorgeous, unique items helped us raise over $1500!  We also have enough items to run this event again.

This year we are Nanaimo's only Warming Centre.

We are OPEN!

Charge your phone. Grab a meal and drink. Washrooms. Inclusive, warm, dry.

We welcome you!  (Mon-Thurs: 10-12 // 1-3)

Support the Society for Equity, Inclusion and Advocacy by purchasing one of our awesome new designs!

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203-489 Wallace St.

Nanaimo, BC V9R 5B7

Monday - Thursday

10am - 3pm (closed for lunch 12-1pm)

T: 250-753-2321

F: 250-753-2486

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